Online Course- Certificate Course in Credit Management (CCCM)

Online Course- Certificate Course in Credit Management (CCCM) Online Course -

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The Certificate Course in Credit Management covers Core Credit Management skills, essential for 'Credit Managers' working in BFSI Segment. It encompasses all intricacies of Credit including Appraisal, Monitoring & Recovery.

The entire courseware combines the best practices, systems & procedures, compliances & the practical applications which are necessary while handling Credit. Emphasis is given to selection of borrower, the process of due diligence & assessing his creditworthiness.

Credit Assessment module captures the basic analysis of Financial Statements and Ratios. Inputs are given on Working Capital Finance and Infrastructure Projects Lending showcasing how SPV structure works.

The Appraisal of Retail Loans and its Monitoring, have been dealt with.

Export Finance helps develop expertise in required Compliances.

Concepts related to Credit Rating and Credit Pricing form a part of the learning.

Methods of recovery of a Stressed Asset (legal & non-legal); the concept of DRT, SARFAESAI, Lok Adalat & even the newly constituted IBC finds way in the Monitoring & Recovery module of this course.

The Modules: 
1. Introduction to Credit Management 
2. Role of Credit Officers 
3. Corporate Credit Assessment 
4. Retail Credit Assessment 
5. Priority Sector Lending
6. Credit Monitoring
7. Credit Rating Concepts and its application
8. Credit Pricing 
9. Important Regulatory Guidelines 
10. Stressed Asset management


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