To be the pioneer institution for developing and nurturing competent professionals in the banking, finance, insurance, and capital market industry in Nepal.


  • To develop professionally qualified and competent banking, finance, insurance, and capital market services professionals primarily through a process of education, training, examination, counseling, consultancy, and continuing professional development programs.
  • To promote and provide scientific research-based recommendations in banking, finance and insurance sector to government, regulatory bodies, and other related organizations.


The main objectives for establishing the Banking, Finance and Insurance Institute of Nepal (BFIN) are as follows:

  • To be the leading training and research center for banking, finance, insurance, capital market, licensed financial co-operatives, and other financial industries and organizations for continuously upgrading the knowledge and skills relevant to their staff members and their stakeholders.
  • To provide both accredited (in association with the recognized national and international educational bodies)as well as non accredited certificate and diploma courses to the job seeker in the banking, finance, capital market, and insurance sectors.
  • To provide soft skills development, leadership skills development, management skills and other related training and workshops to the employees of corporate business houses, development agencies, and other organizations.
  • To offer online and distance education to the employees of Banks, Insurance and Financial institutions of various branches located at different parts of the country.
  • To be the catalyst of the financial sector adopting modern technology, information, and databank, and help the entire financial institutions to become an informative and efficient organization.
  • To provide research-based recommendations to the Government of Nepal, Nepal Rastra Bank, Securities Exchange Board of Nepal, Insurance Board and other sectors of the financial system on various issues of Banking, Finance, capital market and Insurance and other areas of the economy.
  • To maintain data and information of all new and emerging issues in the banking and financial sector and become a “Think Tank” for the government and the financial sector and conduct research work for the benefits of the government and the entire financial system.
  • To offer financial literacy programs to the students and the general public in partnership with educational institutions and development agencies.
  • To partner with banks and financial institutions in the implementation of the CSR programs relating to financial literacy and awareness.
  • To maintain a database of candidates and work as a recruitment agency for Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions.